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Premium Plugin EnchantsPlus 1.8.2e + LEGACY

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Ever searched for a plugin that adds vanilla-like enchants? Then this is for you!

Version distribution:

Use plugin version 1.8 or higher with Spigot versions 1.13 or higher. (Click the 'Download Now' button)

Use plugin version 1.7.6a with Spigot versions 1.8.4 - 1.12.2
(Click on me)


EnchantsPlus adds loads of new enchants for players to enjoy. It has lots of config options to control them ,so you can attach it to any type of server! I WILL listen to any reviews or suggestions that you give me. New cool enchant ideas are fully welcome too! If you notice any kind of serious bug ,please report it to me and i'll definetly check it out.


It's simple to use this plugin. All you need to do is add it to the server ,restart it ,and a configs file full of explanations will be generated in folder <your server>/plugins/EnchantsPlus. You can edit anything in there.

Note #1: Configure the plugin before using it!
Note #2: If you are using McMMO, either disable McMMO double drops or the Reinforced enchant in disabled-enchants.yml to prevent a dupe glitch.

There are some game-changing options that might be best to check out before allowing your users to get those custom enchants.

To add a custom enchant to any item without using the plugin itself or external plugins, you must add the enchant's name and level exactly as it should be to the item's top lore. Example - by default, to add a venom enchant to a sword, add "&7Venom III" to the lore. If you have custom names and/or levels defined for the enchants, use them instead!

To add a sign shop for an enchant, place a sign down and use this format (Vault needed for this!):

<Exact case-sensitive enchant name>
<Enchant level>

  • /enchantsplus|enchants|en toggleenchants|te - A command for players to turn off all enchants whilst enchanting in enchanting table. (default: available to all; Permission: enchantsplus.commands.enchants.toggle)
  • /enchantsplus|enchants|en toggleparticles|tp - Toggles most of the particles personally that are generated from some enchants. (default: available to all; Permission: enchantsplus.commands.enchants.toggle)
  • /enchantsplus|enchants|en togglenotifications|tn - Toggles notifications from enchants such as venom, slowness, etc. (default: available to all; Permission: enchantsplus.commands.notifications.toggle)
  • /enchantsplus|enchants|en enchant|en <enchant name> [level] [player] - A command to enchant an item that the defined player is holding in hand. If no level is defined, level 1 will be applied. (default: OP; Permission: enchantsplus.commands.enchants.enchant)
  • /enchantsplus|enchants|en deenchant|den <enchant name> - A command to remove an enchant from an item that you're holding. (default: OP; Permission: enchantsplus.commands.enchants.deenchant)
  • /enchantsplus|enchants|en list - Lists all available enchants. (Red color means they're disabled in enchanting table, yellow means they are special and green dictates they're enabled). (default: available to all; Permission: enchantsplus.commands.list)
  • /enchantsplus|enchants|en reload - Reloads and refreshes the YAML config. (default: OP; Permission: enchantsplus.commands.reload)
  • Permission enchantsplus.no-enchant.<enchant name> - If a player has this permission, they won't be able to get that enchant in the enchanting table.
  • Permission enchantsplus.nodurabilityloss - If a player has this permission, Flight enchant will not take away durability.

The default and always up-to-date config can be found here:

Pastebin config YAML file

On some versions ,the config can change. Unfortunately ,the default config won't update with the latest additions made to the plugin ,so you will have to add the new options yourself (or deleting the old config and reloading the server/copying it from the pastebin above and pasting it into your old config and re-editing it). I'll mention in the changelog when that happens.


<Enchant name min-max level> - <explanation>

Auto-Speed I-II - Gives Speed I-II potion effects while wearing/holding item.
Unstable I-III - A bad enchant that rarely appears; Decays durability slowly.
Nightvision I - Gives Nightvision I potion effect while wearing/holding item.
Venom I-III - Poisons an enemy when hitting it with the enchant.
Auto-Smelting I - Smelts down iron and gold; Stacks with fortune.
Regain I - Regains durability when mining same type of ore the pickaxe is made out of.
Rejuvination I-III - Regains durability slowly while holding/wearing item.
Waterbreathing I - Gives Waterbreathing I potion effect while wearing/holding item.
Reinforced I-III - Instantly mines all ores. (the higher the enchant level, the less durability it uses).
Slowness I-III - Slows down an enemy when hitting them with the enchant.
Heavy I-III - Slows you down and adds mining fatigue whilst holding/wearing
Regeneration I-III - When you heal half a heart with full food, adds extra chance to heal a full heart (more armor with that enchant stacks and gives more chances)
Flight I - Allows creative flight; Decays durability when holding/wearing
Auto-Jump I-III - Gives Jumping I-III potion effects while wearing/holding item.
Quake I-III - Quakes the ground around you and sends mobs and (if allowed in the server configs) people flying away. With each level, the enchant gets stronger in radius and velocity.
Excavation I-II - Digs a 3x3(3x3x2 if level 2) area. Applicable to shovels ,axes, pickaxes & hoes. (fortune, auto-smelt ,reinforced and other enchants stack up).
Blindness I-III - Blinds an enemy when hitting it with the enchant.
Withering I-III - Withers an enemy when hitting it with the enchant.
Life Leech I-II - Can leech some health off of an enemy when hitting them
Poison Arrows I-III - Same as Venom ,for bows
Withered Arrows I-III - Same as Withering ,for bows
Flashing Arrows I-III - Same as Blindness ,for bows
Soulbound I - When you die ,you will still have the item with this enchant. (configurable if you lose it afterwards)
Ice Aspect I-II - can freeze someone in place for a short amount of time. (configurable in configs)
Lucky I-II - Gives more XP when killing any living entity (except players)
Beheading I-III - Has a progressively higher chance to behead skeletons, creepers, zombies and players.
Life I - Extends your life by a certain amount (default 0.5 hearts per level & armor piece)
Electrocute I-III - Can cause nausea and deals more damage to armored living entities.
Explosive Arrows I-III - Random chance to shoot an arrow which will explode on impact; highly configurable
Well Fed I-II - Keeps your food levels higher.
Hunger I-II - Another bad enchant besides instability and heavy - makes your hunger go down quicker
Multishoot I-II - Can shoot multiple arrows at once.
Agility I-III - Adds haste when holding a weapon. Configurable max level!
Plasma I-II - Like electrocute, but for diamond and leather armors - deals more damage.
Insulation I-III - Combats Plasma and Electrocute - makes them deal less damage on you.
Harvesting I-III - Increases the crop yield when harvesting them with the tool that has this enchant.
Beastmaster I-II - Makes your feline helpers inflict more damage to your enemies, and sustain less of it themselves.
Bash I-II - Pushes your enemies backwards with your shield.


No one is perfect, neither am i, especially since i'm solely a single-man team, so you could find some filthy bugs.

I will listen to every single complaint ,suggestion and bug appeal you have, they're all welcome!

Best place to notify me about them is through the discord server dedicated mostly to my projects, including EnchantsPlus:


The changelog has gotten a bit too big to be posted here! Check the 'Updates' section above.

  • PM and suggest more!​

For developers: You can use this method to enchant items with your plugin:
Code (Java):
MainEnchants.applyEnchant(ItemStack, int, EnchantPlus);
(You can get all custom enchants from the EnchantTypes class)
so the code could be:
Code (Java):
ItemStack item = new ItemStack(Material.DIAMOND_BOOTS);
MainEnchants.applyEnchant(item, 1, EnchantTypes.FLIGHT);
WARNING: this method is not protected for too high levels (yet). Don't add too small or big levels ,or the enchant can break or most likely not work at all.

MainEnchants class has other useful static functions that you can use in your plugin.

To remove an enchant:
Code (Java):
AddEnchant.removeEnchant(ItemStack, EnchantPlus);
You can use 'ItemCustomEnchantEvent' that this plugin adds to control the enchanting.


Please note:
Under no conditions can you issue a refund on this product!
if you have issues with the plugin's mechanics, private message me, and i will try to resolve the problem.

As stated in the default spigot rules, You are NOT allowed to distribute this plugin! Please show support and link others to this post. Thanks!

That said, thank you for anyone who purchased this plugin! It means a lot to me in many different ways.

If you feel extremely generous and would like to give me an occasional pizza, here's an extra donation button:
Not mandatory, but every cent would be appreciated with lots of love!

Some images of the enchants:



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